"Life is filled with secrets. You can’t learn them all at once."

- Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code (via quotes-shape-us)
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The Da Vinci Code (USA - Malta - France - UK, 2006)

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Treasure box by ~Melusaaste

I probably want to get my hands on one of these

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Angels & Demons

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If you are a lover of mysteries, this is the place you should visit. Rosslyn Chapel, built in the 15th century Scotland is full of wonders still unexplained.

It’s long connection with Templars and Freemasons made it appear in “The Da Vinci code”. Many people still believe that this is where the Holy Grail is.

Also, green men are a common site, but this chapel has the same face engraved 120 times.

There are also 213 cubes carved in the ceiling (current version is that they are representing musical notes).

Then there is the famous Prentice Pillar, over which a jealous stonemason killed his apprentice.

Strange carvings include maize and aloe vera, which would suggest that someone discovered America way before we think.

I’m not much of a person for conspiracy theories, but this place is so delightfully eerie. It has that Ninth gate, Eco feel, if you feel me.

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The Apprentice Pillar inside Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland (by biotron).

Hope I can visit this place one day!

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With his right hand a young, beardless Orestes, wearing armor, plunges a sword into Aigisthos’ already wounded chest while with his left hand Orestes holds the bearded Aigisthos by his long hair. Aigisthos sits on a fancy chair and a cloth covers his lower body. ORESTES is labeled. Athenian red-figure vase, c. 500 BC. Musée du Louvre, Paris, IV 3725.

From The Odyssey by Homer, translated by Barry B. Powell.

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Until the British took over India, guards were posted at the Taj Mahal with a warning that any non-Muslim who tried to enter would be put to death

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Study of the Madonna and Child with a Cat, 1478

Leonardo da Vinci

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